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Network testing on ScienceSim


The network testing event on ScienceSim has been rescheduled to Wednesday, April 20th 9AM PDT (UTC-7). The login region and other details are unchanged. Thank you,

Dan Lake
Intel Labs
dan.lake at
The virtual worlds team at Intel has been investigating network performance in OpenSim. We recently made changes to prioritization and queuing of scene updates, adaptive client throttles and packet resend timers. Our validation so far has used mostly synthetic workloads but the results indicate greatly improved network performance, especially for high latency and low bandwidth clients.

We are conducting a networking test in ScienceSim next Tuesday and invite OpenSim users from all geographic locations to join us. We will be running our distributed scene graph (dsg) with a high client/avatar count and logging queues, throttles, and bandwidth characteristics of connected clients.

When: Tuesday, April 19. 9AM PDT (UTC-7).

Where: Login to ‘welcome0419’ region on ScienceSim and teleport to a test region from there.



We’ll plan on running for an hour but something will probably break sooner. If you come by, please tell us about your experience on IRC or via email. I’m interested in which viewer you are using and how you are connected to the Internet.

ScienceSim account creation:

Hypergrid probably works but we have not tested it with the dsg regions. I recommend making an account if possible.

Hope you can make it. Thanks,

Dan Lake
Intel Labs


New Plaza, Old Games: Speedbuild, and…


I have been given the long-awaited opportunity to resurrect the Speedbuild event and PrimWords game after a hiatus of several months. We had a trial run of the Speedbuild at the Sandbox Plazas (both of them) and it was very difficult considering all the activity there.
So Nebadon decided to make a fresh new Plaza specifically for games and events, and named it… what else? …[drum roll and trumpets]… but Recreation Plaza!

Speedbuild is a leisurely, timed building competition originated by Alyvaral Aeghin in late 2008 or early ’09, not sure exactly when, and carried on through the end of 2009 by Adelle Fitzgerald. One hour to build to a theme which is secret until the start of the game clock. More detailed rules and guidelines here: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3124

PrimWords is a fun team game, like Pictionary, but you build with prims instead of draw pictures. The game’s scoreboard, rules and scripts were developed by Warin Cascabel, one of OSGrid’s early pioneers and our resident script guru who has sadly been rather scarce lately due to RL obligations.

There is a group for each of the games, please join if you are interested in participating so you will get timely notices of event occurances. Do a group search for OSGrid Speedbuild and PrimWords.

Our first official Speedbuild event on the new Plaza occurred on Sunday, Feb. 27 and you can see pictures at

The next Speedbuild is scheduled for Saturday, March 5 at 12 pm PST (Linden time), or 8 pm GMT / 20:00 UTC / 3 pm US Eastern time. It is best to be a few minutes early to give the region time to recover from multiple logins and teleports.

The first official PrimWords game will be held on Wednesday, March 2 at the same exact time: 12 pm PST (Linden time), or 8 pm GMT / 20:00 UTC / 3 pm US Eastern time.

I will try to stick with the same schedule for as long as I am organizing the games, and hope to be doing this for many months so it becomes a regular thing in people’s minds. Let’s have some group fun people!

Key Gruin


Grid wide “places” search reactivated.

Hello Everyone,

I am happy to announce that we have revived the places search this week, I would like to thank Andrew Hellershanks and Melanie Milland for helping us work out some last minute bugs to get things working smoothly with search.  If you want to get your Region’s/Parcels listed in the places search you must download the latest OSgrid release (OSgrid OpenSimulator – [zip] [22.4mb] 08-21-2010).  Once you have updated your simulator software you will need to ensure that you have “Show Places in Search” box checked in the “About Land” panel on the Options tab.  It might take a few hours for your regions to be indexed and for any changes you make to your parcel description after the initial indexing.  Be sure to use key words that relate to what your region/parcel is offering, IE: if you offer freebies be sure to mention that in the parcel description on the About Land > General tab for each parcel you want listed. If you have any questions about getting your regions into the search index please join us on the Web Chat / IRC @ #osgrid and ask for some help.
-Nebadon Izumi


OSG3B Load Test (Friday July 16 5pm PST)

Hello Again Everyone,

As you all know OSgrids 3rd Birthday is coming up July 22-26 and we would like to perform some load tests on the Celebration region this weekend,  The 1st test will be 5pm PST this Friday (July 16).  I would like to get around 50 people on “OSG3B Celebration” So if you have some time on Friday night lets everyone gather up some friends and meet at this region to see how things hold up.  We will probably do some more load tests over the weekend depending on how this 1st round goes, I will update with times as we figure things out.   Also just a reminder we do have some open spaces left, so if you are interested in putting up a parcel display or even just some smaller displays around the sim please contact me on the forums or in world and let me know what you want to do.  Also, if you are a DJ or Musical performer, or even know friends who are and would like to perform at OSG3B we would love to have you, again just contact me on the forums on in world and we can work out times and locations.  Also Eryn Galen is making a OSGazet Special Edition OSG3B, and if you would like to advertise anything or contribute articles about OSgrid or OSG3B please contact her on the forums or in world.   That is really all i have for now, but keep checking back and check out the forums for times events and things to come.   Thanks to everyone who already has contributed, lets make OSG3B the best OSgrid Birthday yet!!

Thanks Everyone

You can leave comments or schedule events and request party parcels here :

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