Preparing for todays mandatory upgrades.

Hello everyone,

As promised i have posted new release for today’s upgrade, you can now download and start setting up your simulators, but please remember do not start them until after we announce the back end upgrade is complete.

You can download the release and source files here:


Release : http://download.osgrid.org/osgrid.opensim-11092010.v0.7.1.ae9c4a4.zip

Tar/Gz Source : http://download.osgrid.org/opensim-ae9c4a4.tar.gz

Zip Source : http://download.osgrid.org/opensim-ae9c4a4.zip

based on git hash : ae9c4a4d118e126b4f849bbfed112d0971459339


The only changes to the OpenSim.ini are as follows and are not a requirement but an optional performance enhancement only:

find the [ClientStack.LindenUDP] section in your OpenSim.ini

add the following line below inside this section

async_packet_handling = true

example OpenSim.ini available here : http://download.osgrid.org/OpenSim.ini


If you find this setting has any ill effects please do let us know right away.

We hope that all the changes will improve the overall experience on OSgrid, however there is still a lot of work ahead to improve many things.  If you are interested in reading all of the patch descriptions you can view the git logs here : http://opensimulator.org/viewgit/?a=summary&p=opensim.

If you have any questions or need guidance please join us on our IRC channel @ irc.freenode.net #osgrid or you can use the website chat here to connect : http://www.osgrid.org/index.php/freenode , you can also follow us at twitter for the fastest way to receive grid updates : http://twitter.com/osgrid.

Michael Emory Cerquoni

OSgrid Inc. President


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