OSgrid 0.7.x Release for pre-setup / inspection

Hello everyone,

I have just created a new release for OSgrid OpenSimulator v0.7.x (0.7.1.cd4d7a7).  I must stress though NO ONE SHOULD BE UPGRADING YET!!!!!  This pre-release is so everyone can prep their regions and get a feel for the upcoming ini changes and differences for their automated upgrade processes.  I have written some instructions for everyone to follow that will hopefully minimize problems during the upgrade process and they are available at the following links:

Plain Text Instructions : http://upgrade.osgrid.org/README.txt

Pretty HTML Instructions : http://upgrade.osgrid.org/README.htm

you can also inspect all the individual components that go into a release here http://upgrade.osgrid.org

Again no one should try to perform an upgrade until we announce its time to pull the trigger, then everyone can move forward, this will likely be sometime Late on Sunday Night or Early Monday Morning (Eastern/US Time) so please keep checking back for updates.  You can also join us on our IRC channel #osgrid at irc.freenode.net  or click here http://upgrade.osgrid.org/chat-help.htm if you have any questions or need guidance.

Thanks everyone

Michael Emory Cerquoni

OSgrid Inc. President


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