Grid wide “places” search reactivated.

Hello Everyone,

I am happy to announce that we have revived the places search this week, I would like to thank Andrew Hellershanks and Melanie Milland for helping us work out some last minute bugs to get things working smoothly with search.  If you want to get your Region’s/Parcels listed in the places search you must download the latest OSgrid release (OSgrid OpenSimulator 0.6.9.post-fixes.116bcb2 – [zip] [22.4mb] 08-21-2010).  Once you have updated your simulator software you will need to ensure that you have “Show Places in Search” box checked in the “About Land” panel on the Options tab.  It might take a few hours for your regions to be indexed and for any changes you make to your parcel description after the initial indexing.  Be sure to use key words that relate to what your region/parcel is offering, IE: if you offer freebies be sure to mention that in the parcel description on the About Land > General tab for each parcel you want listed. If you have any questions about getting your regions into the search index please join us on the Web Chat / IRC @ irc.freenode.net #osgrid and ask for some help.
-Nebadon Izumi


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