Enabling Group IM

Hi.  You may have noticed that group IM for some in-world groups doesn’t work.  Group owners who wish to enable group IM can do so by following the below instructions, but presently this means making the group member list visible to all users.  We didn’t want to force this change on people who didn’t want it, so we’re leaving it up to group owners to make this change.  We’re looking into the feasibility of enabling group IM without making group membership visible to non-members, but for now group owners can enable group IM by:

  • Selecting the group from the in-world group menu
  • Click “Info”
  • Click the “Members & Roles” tab
  • Click the “Roles” tab
  • Select “Everyone”
  • check the box next to “Members are visible”
  • click “OK”

Group IM should then work.  If you’re still having issues, or have other comments, feel free to post to the comment thread.



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