OpenSim/OSGrid Status Report

Concerning network protocol versioning, and the recent osgrid bump in protocol version:

Late last week, thursday or friday depending on where you are in the world, osgrid updated their grid backend services and plazas to a ROBUST service paradigm (a project-local acronym, dont go pester google about it). ** note in retrospect that timeframe is probably a day early ** As there are technically significant differences in the backend protocols implemented by the new server(s), an additional change was to increment the network protocol version number, forcing a cut-off of regions operating prior versions of the software. This has serious implications for region operators: they are forced to update to a version of the software from which they cannot roll back. If things go wrong, it’s a rough ride until the kinks get ironed out. The bad news is, things went wrong this time. What went wrong? several things. A few fairly significant, a good many minor – no one thing contributed to the problems we’ve seen since the update. The good news is, a lot , and I mean a lot of good is to come of it. We’re seeing memory footprints cut in half, really quick, really reliable on-the fly texture decoding (spells the end of blurry textures once and for all), and greatly increased capacity to endure loads in the release candidates – but issues remain and addressing them is an incremental, iterative process.

Which brings us to The Current State of the Code

There is a release on the website at OSGrid.org. It may, in fact, be a different revision from what is recommended. This state of affairs is no accident or oversight – it’s a consequence of the dedication of the developement and testing teams to keeping the best possible code available at any given time. Many incremental improvements and hotfixes have been applied in the last 72 hours or so – if you need to download the binaries, you can have faith that what is there is the best code currently available.

You can expect that releases will be coming fast and furious in the days ahead. Work continues in the interest of producing some very dramatic improvements in opensim, in the broadest of senses. Refactoring projects that have been long under way are nearing completion, code has been cleaned up, new architectures implemented, and many optimizations of memory and other resource use are focused at delivering these benefits in the short term – so please bear with us as we labor to produce what will be nothing less than the most game-changing release of opensim we have ever produced.


5 Responses to “OpenSim/OSGrid Status Report”

  1. 2009-10-07 at 10:44 am

    Hi Guys,
    Thankyou very very much for your hard work in making Opensim/OSgrid better. I only would like to know how the “bad” outs itself. Sometimes I can hardly loging to my home or endup in the sky very very high. I am not sure if these things are caused by my viewer or sim(machine) or by the new server release. So a kind of list with what can go wrong and how that is felt inworld, would be nice.
    But bumpy or smooth, I am so greatfull for the escape from LL you are offering in OSgrid. It saves me a lot of schrink visits 🙂

  2. 2009-10-07 at 11:18 am

    What she said. It goes to show how much people can put up with whit a fair degree of equanimity given the real concern for their needs that have been demonstrated in this upgrade. Kudos to all, OSG admins, OD devs, the users who have participated in testing, and those who have show great patience during this rather trying period.

  3. 2009-10-07 at 2:41 pm

    I know what this hard work means. And I congratulate this team by doing this releases.
    I’m totally new on OSGrid and, by coincidence I downloaded the previous version of Sim just a day before the protocol bump.
    Now I would like to suggest, as our coleague Sylvia told, a place where the testers could put together some anomalies like logging on Sim and been stucked on the region corner.
    I can see a very promissing use of this environment to my website clients, which is all about pets. (www.caododia.com.br) in portuguese. And I’m confident on the sucess of this project.

  4. 2009-10-08 at 10:56 am

    I quote from the above text “There is a release on the website at OSGrid.org. It may, in fact, be a different revision from what is recommended” unquote, it’s still the same release from the last network bump, and git# 6461243 does not work with the updated network protocol.

    Another quote “Many incremental improvements and hotfixes have been applied in the last 72 hours or so – if you need to download the binaries…….”, where’s the binaries on OSGrid.org downloads, that have the “improvements and hotfixes”? all I see is the previous 6461243 (not compatible) and 25e7697, same version I use, and have problems with.

    Compilation from source at opensimulator.org is not feasable, as this is the development source, so I use the download from OSGrid.org downloads page.

    And before anyone says I’m a whiner lol, the 1st amendment of the USA constitution, gives me the right to say my peace.

  5. 2009-10-08 at 6:41 pm

    Standing by to stand by. You guy are doing great work and this open sim project is a jewel in the bed of rocks. Eagerly waiting what comes next.

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